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Can You Smell It? Spring Is Here!

Spring has offically arrived by the calendar’s standards and the weather is even finally starting to feel that way.  You know where else you can feel spring?  Yup! In the produce isle at the grocery store.  If you haven’t noticed, take … Continue reading

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Why Did Onion Prices Go Up Recently?

Last week I got the following question from a few consumers and thought it would make the perfect post for the week.  Q. Retail onion prices have increased significantly in the last few weeks. Depending on what kind, prices have … Continue reading

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Onion – THE Versatile Vegetable

Onions are such a versatile vegetable! Here are a few ways to enjoy more of this amazing veggie at your house! Continue reading

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March is Nutrition Month – Celebrate with Onions!

Sadly, the onion is often thought of as a flavor-enhancing condiment, instead of as a vegetable! Here is some insight to the value of onions and all the creative ways you can get more onions into your diet. Continue reading

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Introducing the Onionista!

I am so excited to make my debut as the Onionista and start blogging about my favorite veggie. I look forward to serving up all kinds of onion related facts, tid-bits, and how to’s. Along the way, I hope you’ll find a recipe or two – be it sweet n’ mild OR wildly bold – that you can’t wait to try. Continue reading

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