Can You Smell It? Spring Is Here!

Spring has offically arrived by the calendar’s standards and the weather is even finally starting to feel that way.  You know where else you can feel spring?  Yup! In the produce isle at the grocery store.  If you haven’t noticed, take a few extra minutes the next time you’re at  the store.  Take special note of all the changes happening.  What’s being showcased or featured?  What’s on sale?  Check out those onions while you’re there! 

The onion display is a perfect example of the changes spring brings to the produce department.  Fall/Winter Storage varieties are nearing the end of their season.  They will continue to get less display space as the Spring/Summer Fresh varieities begin to arrive. 

Q:  So where in the U.S. do onions come from in April? 

A:  Great question!  Here is table to help you answer that question. //

Next week we’ll talk to a grower who will give us the inside scoop on onion harvest!  Till then, happy cooking!

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