The Human Harvesting Machine

This week I planned to introduce you to a grower who could give you an inside look at harvesting onions.  Although I don’t want to keep you in suspense, I will be introducing him next week instead.  So I do not totally disappoint you, I am going to stick with the original plan and talk about harvest, only from a different angle.  

When you go to the grocery store or a farmers market, you pick produce by sight, smell, and touch “harvesting” what you want to put into your cart.  Perhaps this sounds strange, but bear with me here.  I kinda think of myself as a harvester when I go the grocery store.  Driving my 4-wheeled cart down the rows of produce, my eyes steer me towards the intended target. My fingers and hands work to pick  just the right item and filter it into the basket.  On to the next row, my cart moves with GPS like precision until I’ve got a full load.  Now, it’s on to the scales . . . uh, I mean cash register!  My load is weighed and tallied.  I take the receipt and drive my cart to the parking lot where I unload my harvest.  At last, I drive my load home and stock my pantry. 

Next time you make a trip to the store you may not think of yourself or your cart as a human harvest machine, but here are a few “harvesting” tips for onions:  //

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