Onions Can Talk? Really?!

This may sound crazy, but onions can talk. It sounds silly, but it’s true.  Oh, alright . . . so they don’t actually speak with a voice, but in their own special way, they do have a form of communicating that I find really interesting and I think you will also.

Here’s the deal. Depending on the variety, onions take 4 to 5 months to develop.  When it has nearly reached full size, the green top of the onion plant will fall over.  This is the plants way of saying, “I am ready to be harvested.  I am done growing and now is the time to take me out of the field and make me into something tasty!”

Here are a few photos to demonstrate the process.

Notice the size of the onion bulbs and the up-right, lush green tops in this field.

The green tops of the onions in this field are down, onions will finish sizing up and be ready to harvest very soon.

Once the roots are loosened with a tractor, onions are left in the sun to cure (put on outer skins) before being taken from the field.

In some areas, onions are cured in burlap bags instead of on top of the field. The burlap keeps the onions from getting too much sun while allowing them to cure properly.

Onions may be known as the humble vegetable, but they are so fascinating, don’t you agree?!

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