How will you celebrate National Onion Day?

A very special day is looming – a day that celebrates one of the oldest vegetables grown in America — the onion.

It’s a day to cheer one of the nation’s most popular and versatile vegetables. Come Thursday, June 27, we can all celebrate National Onion Day.

National Onion Day, June 27

The onion — Nature’s Ninja — is the third-most consumed fresh vegetable in the United States, and it is packed with heart-healthy nutrients to keep disease and some cancers at bay. The most recent study in China determined that regular Allium (onions, leeks, garlic) consumption could reduce bowel cancer incidence by as much as 79 percent.

While it has a solid nutrient value, unlike many diet foods, its flavor continues to shine in a variety of forms from grilled or stuffed, to sautéed or pureed. This is a day you can slice and dice and caramelize to your heart’s content.

The many varieties all contain their unique flavors by the way they are prepared and by the variety used.  Let the luscious smells waft through the kitchen to tempt the hungry bellies and serve up onions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack — even dessert.

Try all varieties and spread them throughout the day. Have an onion dinner party, and pack it with onion dishes. See how much red, white and yellow onions you can incorporate in your day of onions.

How about a healthy Chipotle Egg Breakfast Sandwich to start your day, or serve up a hearty Onion and Egg Hash for the family? A Spicy Onion Panini or that French Onion Soup could easily turn lunch into a decadent treat. Maybe try a little Creamy Onion Dip for an appetizer before dinner? How about a dinner of Pasta Primavera with Caramelized Onions or Garden-style Fish with Onions and Bell Peppers?

Let’s not forget dessert. The sweetness of the onion complements the chocolate and pecans in our Vidalia Onion and Georgia Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Naturally sodium, fat and cholesterol free

Don’t worry about overeating this phenom of Mother Nature. One onion – Nature’s Ninja — contains 20 percent of your daily Vitamin C needs and 12 percent of your fiber needs. And don’t forget, it’s naturally sodium, fat and cholesterol free and only 64 calories per one-cup serving.

Can you do it? Can you take on the challenge of a day full of onions? Ditch the breath mints and go all in to celebrate National Onion Day on June 27.

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