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8 Ways To Enjoy Grilled Onions

Everyone knows summer is the perfect time to get as much use as possible out of your grill! Onions are super versatile and can be grilled a bunch of different ways so you can enjoy them all summer long without … Continue reading

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Outdoors with Onions: Savory Onion Oatmeal

A warm meal is just what I need after a day of hiking. Despite how hot or strenuous the activity, there is something about the dark, cool atmosphere of the forest that makes a steaming plate of food even more … Continue reading

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Outdoors with Onions: Onion Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Curry Butter

Potatoes and onions are a camping food staple, but I like to add an original twist by using sweet potatoes. They tend to cook a little more quickly than Russets for me, and they are delicious when paired with sweet, … Continue reading

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Outdoors with Onions: Sweet and Smoky Onion Snack Mix

There is no shortage of snack options when hiking and camping, but the one thing that most snacks have in common is that they are sugary sweet. You can only have so many energy bars and so much plain dried … Continue reading

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Outdoors with Onions

Summer is here and for the next three weeks I’m inviting you to get outdoors with me and go beyond the grill. I’ve teamed up with recipe developer and nutritional scientist, Lori Rice for some trail-friendly and campfire-cooked foods that … Continue reading

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