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Ingenious onion hack allows quicker risottos

Time is always nipping at your heals these days, and cooking with onions isn’t always so forgiving. Sometimes, the clock makes all the difference in the outcome of a great dish. Culinary instructor KateLynn Dunning, who teaches cooking at Platt … Continue reading

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There is a pain-free way to cut onions

While the best part about onions is the flavor they infuse into any dish, for many, getting there is quite the battle. Cutting onions could be one of the most dreaded jobs in the kitchen — perhaps besides stirring a … Continue reading

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How to eat your 22 pounds a year in onions

If you hadn’t heard, Americans on average eat about 22 pounds of onions per person per year. That kind of onion consumption helps keep a body healthy by providing necessary vitamins and nutrients to ward off heart disease and cancers … Continue reading

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Save time on grilling onions this Labor Day

Onions are the essential ingredient in every chef’s recipe box but they can add some time to your cooking schedule. This Labor Day, you probably want a little more time with friends and less at the grill. We love onions … Continue reading

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Onions can be the star of any show — behind the curtain

The best thing about onions is that they can be the star of the show without anyone knowing it. We are aware that there are a few people who don’t prefer the texture of onions, but this sweet onion pesto … Continue reading

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