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What’s In An Onion That’s Good For Us?

Some people get tears in their eyes thinking about chopping an onion, while others think about getting bad breath from eating them. Well, I suppose I am quite biased, but I say chop, chop!  Eat more onions!  Like other fruits and … Continue reading

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More Triva From the Onion Patch

Onions played some very interesting roles in the history of the world.  Some of the facts are really quite amazing so I’d like to share a few layers of triva I thought might be “a-peeling”! King Ramses IV, who died in 1160 B.C., was entombed … Continue reading

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Trivia Time from the Onion Field

Can you guess how much the largest onion ever grown weighed? Well, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, V. Throup of Silsden, England grew a 10 pound 14 ounce onion!!  Now that’s a big onion!  If you like trivia, … Continue reading

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