Guest Worthy Breakfast Bakes and Casseroles

There’s nothing better than an amazing array of breakfast bakes and casseroles on a holiday morning. When inviting guests over for breakfast or brunch you want to serve them more than scrambled eggs. Surprise your family and friends with some of our favorite ideas for delicious morning eats that all have fabulous onion combinations.

During the holidays serve family and friends delicious and amazing Guest Worthy Breakfast Bakes and Casseroles. These recipes are perfect for any occasion. Guest Worthy Breakfast Bakes and Casseroles

We’ve compiled not only tasty brunch and breakfast ideas, they all have a unique fun twist that will delight all of your guests.  This round-up of savory dishes with onions have so many tremendous food flavors you will have trouble deciding which you’ll want to make first. Whether you are serving a romantic breakfast for 2 on Valentine’s Day or having a family brunch for Christmas or Easter these recipes will become family favorites.

This Roasted Sweet Potato & Kale Breakfast Hash from Minimalist Baker is not only healthy it’s so full of amazing flavors and is a gorgeous preparation.

Gruyère, Ham, and Spinach StrataGruyère, Ham, and Spinach Strata  from Home.Made.Interest is a great way to combine breakfast favorites.  Healthy Breakfast Burritos from our friend over at My Nourished Home is not only a great brunch idea it makes for quick morning breakfasts when on the go.  Cotter Crunch has this simply unique and amazing recipe for Smashed Beet Fried Avocado Toast with Onion Aioli {Gluten Free} These Chicken & Egg Ramekins from Simply Stacie are the perfect little touch to any breakfast or brunch.  Fake Ginger has come up with a entertaining dish with this Breakfast Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe.  This Savory Korean Kimchi Pancake from Curious Nut is the ultimate way to wow your brunch guests. Yes to Yolks has this phenomenal recipe for Mini Quiches with Caramelized Onions, Gruyere, & BaconVegetable Strata with Red Onions and Gruyere Our Vegetable Strata with Red Onions and Gruyere recipe is not only a crowd favorite it’s easy to make and double up when more guests are  attending.

There’s so many ideas to make breakfast yummy, If you’re like us you might even love some of these dishes for dinner!!


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