Onion Facts/Tips: Onion Flavors

There is so much to love about onions and their flavor is a big reason. Knowing the different arrays of flavors can help you to choose which ones you want for what type of eating and cooking.

Onion Facts/Tips: Onion Flavors

onion slivers, slices, and diced pieces

Fact: Onions have a flavor profile that ranges from sweet and mild to spicy and pungent.

Helpful Tip:  If you have a spicy one and want to use it raw, have no fear.  To reduce the pungency, sharpness or aftertaste of a raw onion, cut them the way you plan to use them and place into a bowl of ice water to stand for at least 1-1/2 hours; overnight is best. Rinse before using. If time is at a premium, place onions in a strainer or sieve. Run cold water over the onions for at least a minute.Onion Tips and Tricks - All about Onion Flavors

For more tips and tricks with onions to help in your meal preparation that will not only make things easier but help you to enjoy onions at their finest.


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