Extend The Sweetness Till Wintertime!

When I was young, I remember my mom would spend countless hours canning and freezing fruits and vegetables for our family to enjoy during the winter.  From canned applesauce and peaches, to stewed tomatoes,  frozen green beans, and corn.  Oh, and don’t forget her famous zuchinni relish!  Ah, heaven!  Needless to say, I don’t think my siblings and I realized until we were older just how spoiled we were to have a mom that took the time to preserve summer’s best.  Kudos to Mom!

Although onions keep well for longer periods of time than most vegetables, they do lend themsevles well to canning, freezing, pickling, or dehydration.  In fact, the idea is a perfect way to preserve those sweet onion varieties that are only in season for a limited time.  Here are three methods for preserving onions per the recommendations of the USDA:

How to Can Onions

How to Freeze Onions

How to Dehydrate Onions

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