Onions At The Table

Onions are a holiday cooking staple, and over the past few weeks we’ve shared some of our favorite recipes to help you add onions to your table. From appetizers and entrees, to side dishes that range from light and refreshing to traditionally comforting, the options for incorporating onions are endless.

Thanksgiving recipes featuring onions

The sweet and pungent flavor of storage onions is perfect for holiday foods. A roast turkey breast  will be the star when served with lightly caramelized onions. Quick, crispy onion rings add a delicious touch to fall salads. Scalloped potatoes are a crowd favorite and onions add the right amount of bold bite to balance out the creamy, cheesy goodness. When your meal calls for an easy side dish, no oven required, a mix of red cabbage and onions can really brighten up the table.

This year, as you create the long anticipated meal, consider using onions to bring a rustic, comforting atmosphere to your entire celebration. White and yellow onions complement the seasonal tones of pumpkins or flint corn. The deep purple skin of red onions adds a splash of color.

Thanksgiving centerpiece with pumpkins and onions

For the look we have here, simply fill a basket with decorative pumpkins and add onions of varying colors and sizes. Fill in any gaps with sprigs of thyme and rosemary or twigs of pine.

Thanksgiving centerpiece with onions and pumpkins

You can extend the centerpiece for longer tables by using a table runner of burlap or linen. Place the onions down the center of the table runner at regular intervals and alternate with other decorations like pumpkins or fall flowers. Randomly place a few pieces of the herbs or greens to finish the look.

Also remember that onions can spice up any boring holiday leftovers! Marinated or caramelized onions are delicious on sandwiches or in wraps that use up extra turkey. You can also take a whole onion, hollow it out, and fill it with left over casseroles, vegetables or stuffing and bake until tender. After all of the holiday cooking, get out the slow cooker to give yourself a break from the kitchen. Add onions to your favorite slow cooker recipes to give them more mouthwatering flavor.

Thanksgiving recipes featuring onions

Along with the ideas for tasty foods and creative decorating we have here, we’ve been collecting some more favorites on our Pinterest boards. Be sure to follow us there for inspiration.

We also love seeing your ideas for how you use onions at your holiday table. Share your tips and photos with the hashtag #onionsatthetable.

Text and images by Lori Rice.

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