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The Onion — Nature's Ninja — is versatile. The Nature's Ninja Playbook gives you detailed tips on how to reduce tears, caramelize like a ninja, onion health and nutrition tips, and great onion recipes to keep on hand to keep a proper balance in your diet.

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Nature's Ninja — Onion Power

Ninja Skills: For health, nutrition, taste, sustainability

No longer the humble onion, this phenom of Mother Nature deserves higher praise for its stealth, its endurance and its adaptability and sustainability. While its nutrients help you ward off diseases, it’s also a major action hero, slaying disease and bacteria just to get to the table. It provides amazing flavor to any meal, and it's useful in other ways such as dying fabrics, curing bee stings, cleaning grills or feeding sheep.

Consider these Ninja qualities:

» Survivors — From its hard, papery skin keeping bacteria at bay to its pungent juices preserving itself, the onion was built to survive the elements.

» Master of Disguise — From the outside, the onion seems unassuming and simple. But there’s a warrior inside ready to fight disease.

» Resourceful — Onions also have many properties to keep those who eat it healthy — while it helps sustain a healthy gut, it can also help your mental health – have you have a good cry lately?

» Adaptable — It can tempt the taste buds in a variety of forms to create just the right mixture of tastes to add the perfect touch to your meals.

» Stealthy — Who hasn’t minced an onion to slip into recipes without being noticed? We know chefs who sweat onions and turn the onions into a puree to add the right amount of flavor to their dishes.

Sustainable — Onion skins can be used as natural fabric and textile dyes to add yellows, pinks and greens without the harsh chemicals.

Full Circle — The onions that don't make it to market can be used as sheep feed, instead of thrown away. Research has shown that feeding sheep onions helps ranchers reduce feed and water costs. That means zero waste.

Alternative Fuel — Leftover onion parts are being used in California to power the entire plant from which they're processed, saving thousands in electrical costs. The Gills Onions Advanced Energy Recovery System has in its 10 years created enough power to fuel 460 homes.

Curative Power — Onion's pungent juices will help soothe a bee sting. Take one on your next picnic.

Natural Grill Cleaners — Ditch the harsh chemicals and clean your grill off with an onion. Then put the onion in the coals to provide a mellow onion flavor to your meats.

Click here to find some health-conscious onion recipes.

Spicy Sheet Pan Roasted Jambalaya
Spicy Sheet Pan Roasted Jambalaya

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Onionista (posted on: 09/27/2019)

@P_Morchhale @mr_unm Feel free to celebrate with us… Read More

Onionista (posted on: 09/11/2019)

Great onion news! Researchers will have more than $8… Read More

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