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Merchandising Tips

Attractive, well lit, and easy to access displays full of produce are visually attractive to consumers. Since we eat with our eyes first, a few simple tips can help make the most of a display space in the produce department and help maximize onion category profit margins.

Building Onion Displays with Appeal

Loose or Bulk displays:

  • Onions should be placed, not dumped into the display.
  • Placement should be tops up and root end should be down.
  • Remove loose skins, damaged, or decayed onions routinely.
  • Maintain proper stock rotation, placing newest onions on bottom, older on top.

Bag or Box/Carton displays:

  • Stack neatly. Packs or cartons must be easy to remove for purchase.
  • Small mesh bags in 3, 5, or 10 pounds should be at or near waist level and arranged in an attractive manner no more than 2-3 bags deep on a table.
  • Include small bags of pearl and boiler onions to build specialty onion sales.

Value-added displays:

  • Value-added fresh-cut and frozen products like whole peeled or diced onions are convenient and appealing to consumers. Let customers know where to find these items.
  • Always follow processors sell-by dates and discard any out of date product.
  • Keep refrigerated and frozen shelves stocked and fronted.
  • Maintain proper refrigeration, humidity, and cooler temperatures to reduce shrink.

General display reminders:

  • Be familiar with the seasonality and best uses for the types of onions available.
  • Maintain proper signage when multiple colors, types, and sources of onions (domestic and imports) are offered and especially when seasons overlap.
  • Distinguish between domestic and imports.
  • Establish consistent year-round pricing gaps among offerings, setting premium prices according to seasonality, type, etc.
  • Onions on ad sell more rapidly than onions not on ad! Promote them several times a quarter to lift volume, dollars, and profits.

grocery bag of vegetables with onions

Cross Merchandising with Purpose

  • Yellow, red, and white onions display well with lots of other produce items like: pre-packaged salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell and chili peppers, oranges, mangos, celery, and carrots. Colorful, multi-item displays can be built around a season, holiday, or special events.
  • In a study, 50% of consumers interviewed that purchased pre-packaged salads also purchase onions.
  • Perishable protein including beef, pork, chicken, or seafood may be more challenging to cross-merchandise with onions in-store, but are very effective together for advertising.
  • Non-perishables that pair well with onions might include seasonally appropriate items like tin foil, bamboo or metal skewers, roasting bags, and slow cooker liners.
  • Onion keepers, micro-cookers, knives, and cutting boards are essential kitchen tools, but are impulse buys that can be effectively worked into or near the onion display.

Promotions with Layers of Benefits

  • Onions can be included in nutrition and health promotions as well as seasonal, holiday, and special events. For example: onion dips and salsas for Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo and other parties, onions for burgers/kebabs during BBQ season, recipes featuring onions as a vegetarian main dish or an alternative to other vegetable side dishes for any day of the week or a holiday.
  • Consumers are spending fewer dollars on food but more of those dollars on produce. Techniques for using produce and recipes are ideal for continuing this momentum.
  • As the healthiest square footage of a supermarket, the benefits of fruits and vegetables are best communicated through signage and other printed collateral.
  • Onions are nutritionally important and have a number of ways they can be prepared.
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Easy Chicken Citrus, Fennel and Onion Sheet Pan Meal

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Onionista (posted on: 09/27/2019)

@P_Morchhale @mr_unm Feel free to celebrate with us… Read More

Onionista (posted on: 09/11/2019)

Great onion news! Researchers will have more than $8… Read More

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