Introducing the Onionista!

Greetings! I am so excited to make my debut as the Onionista and start blogging about my favorite veggie. Call me a foodie if you like,  but really my passion starts with the soil where the seeds are planted.  I am the fourth generation of my family (on both sides) to be involved in agriculture and proud to represent the men and women who produce this nation’s food.  I am an “aggie-foodie”!  Go onions!

As your Onionista, I look forward to serving up all kinds of onion related facts, tid-bits, and how to’s.  Along the way, I hope you’ll find a recipe or two – be it sweet n’ mild OR wildly bold – that you can’t wait to try. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the onion patch. If you’d like to give me a “ring”, I’ll do my best to reply.

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