• Spanish Potatoe and Onion Omelet

    Send the kids off to school with a hearty breakfast. This Spanish Potato and Onion Omelet is simple, tasty and will feed a whole crew. Photo courtesy of Family Features/culinary.net

Spanish Potota and Onion Omelet — a good back to school breakfast

Onions help breakfast come alive

Back to school brings up so many good memories. It was always a time that marked a fresh new start to the year. A new grade, a new group of friends. For parents, it marks a bit more of the routine to get life back to the normal crazy.

While that routine will get jam packed with sports and activities, this Spanish Potato and Onion Omelet is sure to bring everyone to the table for a hearty breakfast to start the day.

Don't let these ingredients fool you. Yes, the recipe does call for a full cup of onions, but it is only to fry the potatoes, and bring them to a decent crisp. All that oil is not reincorporated back into the dish; in fact, you can skip that oil, microwave the potatoes, then crisp them in a pan to save time and cut the fats.

It comes with easy instructions to flip it and cut it like a pie, too. This breakfast is sure to hold your crew until lunch with protein and nutrition.

Onions bolster taste, nutrition — and sustainable fashion industry

Students harness onion power for sustainable fashion

Onions come full circle

Four New York textile-design students aim to revolutionize the textile world in the next few months — all with the power of onions.

Their project, part of a partnership with textile studio Fragmentario through the students’ Master of Fine Arts in Textiles program at Parson’s School of Fashion Design in New York, has taken a natural turn, encapsulated in a growing movement on sustainable fashion, with one common denominator: onion skins.

Onion skins have been used as a natural dyeing agent for the likes of Easter eggs and fabrics for years. Red onion skins give a range of colors from pink, to burgundy to brown and sometimes green. Yellow onion skins give a range of golden and orange colors.

Read more about this story here.

trio of onions on  wood surface
single sweet yellow onion
half of a red onion

Easy ways to get more onions in your diet

Chinese study finds eating more onions helps reduce colorectal cancer by as much as 79 percent

If you hadn’t heard, a new study published this year showed that those who eat a diet strong in onions and garlics (Allium plants) stand a significantly higher chance of avoiding colorectal cancer. The recommendation for that perfect recipe for gut health means eating roughly 1 onion a week.

A study in China this past spring revealed that a diet steady in allium vegetables (onions, garlic, leeks, etc.) could stave off the risk of colorectal cancer by as much as 79 percent. That kind of onion consumption — the study recommended 35 pounds a year — also helps keep a body healthy by providing necessary vitamins and nutrients to ward off heart disease and cancers and also keep the gut working at optimum speed.

An easy way to get your 35 pounds of onions per year into your diet is this: 1 large onion a week — two for good measure. Mix them up by color, keep them all the same — every onion is packed with nutrition. Since cut onions have a refrigerator shelf life of about seven days, you can be rest-assured you will not have to waste anything if you set out a good plan.

For each week, use your onion strategically to reduce spoilage and get the vital nutrition your body needs. Dice up one onion and sprinkle it in omelets, salads and tacos, or your favorite canned vegetables. Cut up the rest and sauté it with peppers and serve on top of your favorite protein.

You can even jazz up a can of baked beans with a diced onion. Heck, slice up some link sausage and you have yourself a hearty meal. Get creative. However you use them, you can't go wrong with adding more onions.

Onion recipes

French Onion Soup Gratinee

We love this French Onion Soup Gratinée from Cooking School Secrets for Real World Cooks. See our video below.

Easy Chicken Citrus, Fennel and Onion Sheet Pan Meal
Easy Chicken Citrus, Fennel and Onion Sheet Pan Meal

Traditional chicken dinner meets sheet pan for a zesty twist.

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ONION NUTRITION BASICS — Onions are rich in 11 vitamins and minerals. They can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, fight diabetes, disease and some cancers — and they can do it all without cutting back on flavor.

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